What to do about Bad Tartar?


A bad tartar build up is no laughing matter, or even smiling one for that matter. When people have too much tartar, their teeth start to decay.

This can mean a yellowed appearance. If the bad tartar build up stays on the teeth long enough, then the teeth can start to decay.

Tartar is even worse than plaque. Plaque is the first stage of a bacterial build up on the teeth. When it hardens and stay on the teeth for prolonged periods, then it becomes tartar.

Tartar is also known by the name calculus, although this name is not as common as tartar. Tartar forms usually above and below the gum line. It must be removed in the dentist’s office with special tools. At this point, the patient might even have developed a gum disease from the tartar.

Unfortunately, this removal can be painful. If a person is worried that they have tartar, then the individual can take an extra strength non prescription pain killer an hour before the appointment.